Bridger Parker

I am a


Game Developer & Multimedia Artist

I am a creative and easily adaptable programmer with a BS in Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technology from Boise State University.

  • Birthday: 25 July 2000
  • City: Meridian, ID
  • Age: 21

I have experience in just about all facets of game design (Programming, Animating, Art Assets, Level Design, AI Behavior, Sound Design, etc) but my focus is on Game Systems Programming/Engineering. The process of designing and executing the interactions between different objects, characters, and systems in games.


Unity Development 90%
Github 50%
Photoshop 80%
Blender 30%

C# 85%
JavaScript 55%
C++ 40%


Here is a collection of (more or less) completed projects and prototypes done by myself or groups that I have participated in.

  • All
  • Programming
  • Game Assets
  • Artwork


Feel free to contact for my services if you see any work that you like. I like to have a diverse portfolio and workflow so I am happy to come to an agreement on most forms of work.


While I have a focus on Game Development, I am happy to assist in all programming matters OOP or otherwise.

Art Creation

Whether for concept work or final work, I am confident in my artistic abilites for 2D and 3D assets.

Game Design

Between playing, studying, and designing/developing games I have gained a keen understanding of many Game Design properties and the affect certain features may have on a game.

Other Creative or Business Opportunities

I have also taken several courses in regard to Business Leadership and Marketing and would be happy to assist in brand recognition, online marketing, or leadership styles.


Feel free to contact below or with any of the provided contact methods for any business matters.


1018 N Webb Ave Meridian, ID 83642




Discord: Bridger#5133

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